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Discover our legal management solution tailored for SMBs, startups, and growing companies. Our innovative platform offers a template library, simplifies contract creation and contract lifecycle management and streamlines legal workflows. We provide you with the tools you need to efficiently handle legal matters and focus on driving your business forward.

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Create contracts in minutes

Effortlessly generate legally binding agreements with our Contract Creation Engine. Our intelligent system simplifies the complex process of drafting contracts, allowing you to create customized documents tailored to your business needs in minutes. Save time and minimize errors, while ensuring legal compliance and professional standards.


Keep track of contractual obligations

Take control of your contracts from inception to completion with our comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management solution. Stay organized, reduce risks, and streamline negotiations with centralized document storage, automated reminders, and real-time tracking of contract status. Enhance your business efficiency and never miss a renewal or deadline again.


Simplify your equity management

Easily manage your company's equity with our Equity Management module. Track and maintain accurate records of ownership, options, and vesting schedules for your shareholders, employees, and investors. Access insightful reports, automate equity-related transactions, and stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Empower your business with transparent and accurate equity information


Effortlessly handle legal workflows

Simplify and accelerate the approval process with our intuitive Approval Management feature. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time. Keep stakeholders informed and maintain a clear audit trail, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for all parties involved.

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GAIA helps entrepreneurs to focus on the important work

As an entrepreneur, balancing daily work with ensuring legal compliance can be overwhelming, especially without a large in-house team. GAIA is here to help. With us, you can quickly create compliant contracts using our extensive template library, have a comprehensive overview of all your contractual data, and implement your legal workflows smoothly. Shift your focus from managing legal complexities to driving your business forward - with GAIA, your legal affairs are handled professionally and efficiently.

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Changing the way companies tackle legal topics

In a world where the complexities of law are constantly increasing, we've identified a crucial need for change. Legal management should not be a hindrance to a business's progress - rather, it should be an enabler, a tool that supports growth and efficiency.

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